November 1, 2024 - NJ LCADC/CADC Mandatory 3-Hour Legal Standards Workshop (NBCC and NJ ADC Committee Approved)

Price: $75.00
November 1, 2024 - NJ LCADC/CADC Mandatory 3-Hour Legal Standards Workshop 

General Workshop Series Goals (This course is NBCC and NJ ADC Committee Approved).

This course is a continuing education requirement for all LCADCs/CADCs every 2-year renewal period. N.J.A.C. 13:34C-5.2(d) requires that all LCADCs and CADCs complete 3-hours in legal standards training. Advanced Counselor Training, LLC (through approved training provider Glenn Duncan) is approved by the ADC Committee to provide this 3-hour workshop.  The goal of this interactive workshop is to present the latest changes and most important component pieces of the NJ LCADC/CADC Laws and Regulations, by focusing on the major elements of NJ's LCADC/CADC laws, regulations and the Uniform Enforcement Act.   Legal areas include scope of clinical practice regarding supervision (including 2019 changes and 2021 proposed changes to virtual supervision), ADC informed consent regulations, confidentiality and ADC regulations, ADC telehealth and telemedicine regulations (proposed in 2021), and NJ Uniform Enforcement Act changes (including 2021 changes).  Other recent changes to include the required 3 hours of Legal Standards training include regulation/statute changes in ADC continuing education (3 hours of Legal Standards). 


NJ LCADC/CADC Mandatory Legal Standards Workshop (3 NBCC Clock Hours).

Workshop Components:

8:30 am – Zoom webinar opens for attendees to enter, workshop begins at 9 a.m.

9 am – Regulations vs. Statutes (30 minutes)

A. Statutes vs. Regulations.
B. Alcohol and Drug Committee (ADC) Clinical Supervision Regulations (updated changes from 2019) along with the proposed virtual supervision changes (potentially in 2022).
C. How to find changes and/or updates in licensure regulations and laws.
D. Discussion of top violations of licensure regulations and laws.

9:30 am – The Uniform Enforcement Act and Impairment (45 minutes)

A. Overview of the Uniform Enforcement Act 2021 revision.
B. Section 37 of UFA regarding Duty to Report.
C. Section 21 of URA regarding Refusal to License or Renew, Grounds.
D. Small group exercise on UFA.

10:15 am – Sexual Misconduct and Harassment (15 minutes)

A. Sexual misconduct and harassment regulations.
B. Different licensure regulations and ethical regulations on sexual misconduct and harassment.

10:30 am – (15 Minute morning break)

10:45 am – Duty to Report (15 Minutes)

A. 13:34C-3.4(a) Duty to report others.
B. 13:34C-3.4(b) Duty to report self.
C. 13:34C-3.4(c) Duty to respond.

11 am – New ADC Telehealth/Telemedicine Rule (30 minutes)

A. Overview of the ADC Telehealth/Telemedicine rule proposal and eventual adoption.
B. Specific covering Telehealth regulation 13:34C-7.3 Standard of care.
C. Specific covering Telehealth regulation 13:34C-7.7 Prevention of fraud and abuse.

11:30 am – Clinical Supervision (30 minutes)

A. Changes to ADC clinical supervision regulations.
B. Clinical supervision of counselor interns.
C. Clinical supervision of credentialed interns.
D. Clinical supervision of CADCs.

12 pm – Question and answer period, instructions on how to obtain PDF of certificate of completion


$75 Early Registration per workshop day (by 10/18/24)
$100 Late Registration per workshop day (from 10/19/24 - 10/31/24)

November 1, 2024 - NJ LCADC/CADC Mandatory 3-Hour Legal Standards Training

Cancellation/Reimbursement Policy:  Valid requests must be received in writing/email within seven (7) days of course date.  Late requests for the 4 day workshop series can only bring in a substitute attendee or receive credit for a future workshop date.  All refunds are subject to a $15.00 processing fee.  If paid by credit card, an additional $4.04 fee will be assessed to cover the cost of PayPal processing charges on credit cards.  Refund requests require 2-3 weeks processing time and will be issued as a check as is our policy.