September 30, 2019 - Medical & Legal Marijuana in NJ: Practice & Policy Issues. 700 Hope Road, Tinton Falls, NJ 07724 (This is NBCC and ASWB Approved)

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September 30, 2019.  Medical and Legal Marijuana in NJ:  Practice and Policy Issues (Princeton, NJ)

General Workshop Series Goals (This Course is NBCC Approved and ASWB Approved)

The goal of this interactive workshop is to identify the changes that have occurred in the NJ Medical Marijuana Program. The history of marijuana legalization and major events that have shaped this history are discussed. Known scientific research on the benefits of medical marijuana and the risks associated with marijuana usage are covered, as well as the continued barriers to better scientific research on this topic. Interactive exercises are incorporated in order to have participants analyze child custody issues for clients who are on the NJ medical marijuana program. Other exercises include the participants discussing how treatment is impacted by medical marijuana and participants will analyze under what conditions there would be a "duty to report" a coworker on medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana (6 NBCC and ASWB Clock Hours)

Workshop Components:

8:30am - Sign in/Morning Coffee Station

9:00am - The History of Marijuana Legalization in the United States (45 minutes)
  1. Marijuana legal status before 1937
  2. Marijuana prohibition and Harry J. Anslinger
  3. Marijuana prohibition 1950s and 1960s
  4. The controlled substances act of 1970.
  5. The influence of President Nixon and the “war on drugs”.
  6. The History of Marijuana Legalization in the United States (45 minutes)

9:45m - Medical Marijuana Ethics - Policy Issues (1 hour)
  1. Discussion of the ethics around clinical staff using medical marijuana.
  2. Does a licensee on medical marijuana pose a “duty to report” to the division of consumer affairs. Discussion of Title 45:1-37 and Title 45:1-21.
  3. Can employers fire an employee who has positive urine drug screen for cannabis if they are prescribed marijuana?
  4. Should medical marijuana be treated differently than other prescribed medications?
  5. Sample policy on medical marijuana and recent legal white paper.
  6. Interactive group exercise in regards to whether a duty to report exists.

10:45am - (15 Minute morning break)

11:00am - Understanding the Nomenclature and Relevant Cannabinoids in Marijuana (30 minutes)
  1. NJ’s limit of 10% THC and what that means.
  2. THC and THCA, vs. CBD. Which cannabinoids are relevant and why only one type can be present in high amounts.
  3. The effects of CBDs on THC.
  4. Introduction into the NJ medical marijuana program: debilitating conditions covered.

11:30am - Medical Marijuana Research - Risks and Benefits (1 hour)
  1. Marijuana usage – beneficial effects.
  2. Marijuana usage – effects to the respiratory and immunity systems.
  3. Marijuana usage – cancer causing research results.
  4. Marijuana usage – influence on mental health disorders, substance use disorders and psychosocial effects.
  5. Marijuana usage – injury, death and pre-natal issues.
  6. Barriers to marijuana research.

12:30pm - Lunch (on your own)

1:30pm - Medical Marijuana Ethics – Child Custody Issues (1 hour)
  1. Discussion of the ethics around medical marijuana as it relates self-determination vs. safety issues.
  2. Medical marijuana parent and potential child custody issues.
  3. Interactive group exercise on a client with DCP&P involvement and on medical marijuana.

2:30pm - (15 minute afternoon break)

2:45pm - Process of Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card (45 minutes)
  1. Discussion of the steps necessary to obtain a medical marijuana card in NJ.
  2. Qualifying conditions and rates of referral for medical marijuana and usage of medical marijuana.
  3. Restrictions (public) to where a qualifying patient can smoke/vape medical marijuana.
  4. Virtual tour of the Garden State medical marijuana dispensary.

3:30pm - Medical Marijuana – Continued Treatment Implications (1 hour)
  1. Discussion of the ethics around continuing to treat a client with a diagnosed cannabis use disorder who is also on medical marijuana.
  2. How should a clinician/program respond if probation states that treatment is required for a medical marijuana client.
  3. Interactive exercise: medical marijuana and continued treatment with a client.

4:30 PM – Question/Answer Period, Attendee Sign-out, Certificate of Completion Dissemination 

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    September, 2019 - Medical and Legal Marijuana: Practice and Policy Issues (DoubleTree Hilton, 700 Hope Road, Tinton Falls, NJ 07724)

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